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Over 26 Years of International Tax Experience. Solution-Oriented.  Testimonials.

There are several ways to maximize your tax position or to come clean with prior year compliance issues. If you seek practical guidance to reduce your tax liabilities or need more options, which can capitalize on current tax laws, speak with us

Our extensive knowledge, and expertise encompass IRS tax law, tax regulations, and codes. We will represent you in your tax dispute with the IRS.

We offer the confidentiality that only an international legal tax team can provide with Big-4 tax experience, and the benefit of a U.S. CPA staff with domestic and international tax experience.

International Tax Attorney, Tax Consultants and CPAs for U.S. domestic and expat tax services for individuals and businesses under one roof. We provide attorney-client privilege protection.

Overseas relocation planning, Expatriation / Renunciations, International Tax Structuring, Tax Treaty Positions, FBAR Disclosures, Cross-border Transactions, Tax Opinions, Stock Options, RSUs, Trusts and Estates, IRS Audits and more.

Our international tax services include: IRS Streamlined Offshore and IRS Streamlined Domestic Disclosures, Foreign Tax Credit (FTC), Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Form 5471, Form 8938, GILTI, Form 8833, Expatriation Form 8854, FBAR Form 114, Form 5472, Form 1120, Form 1120S, Form 1065, Form 1040, Form 2555, Form 1116 and more.

Why Choose an International Tax Law and CPA Firm Under One Roof?

Our team of legal and tax professionals offers expertise in all areas of tax law & CPA / accounting services.

Do you have U.S. Federal or State tax issues and need confidentiality? We provide attorney-client privilege. Contact us for a confidential conversation.

Do you qualify for streamlined compliance procedures? This IRS procedure allows you to come forward to disclose non-reported income.

How do estates and trusts vary from country to country? Are you and your beneficiaries protected?

Need help with CRYPTO Currency / BitCoin Disclosures & Planning? We can answer your questions and assist with filings. Learn more about our services.

Need advice with overseas & U.S. business formations and tax structures? Learn more about our services.


Really hit it off with Jason. Working directly with a partner who answered all my questions and then some. I am in great hands.


I love working with Jason. We are on the same wavelength - He thinks outside the box and provides options that other providers never did. He was available to answer my questions and did not pass me off to a junior. Thank you, Jason.

-  STEVE S..

I was going through a very messy divorce and Jason's firm helped me with the forensic accounting. Jason was able to uncover fraud by my ex that would have resulted in my settlement being significantly less than I received. It was Jason's expertise and background as a tax attorney, CPA, and private investigator that helped me. He asked the right questions of the other side that allowed us to learn about the offshore accounts.


I was subject to an audit in a foreign country. To avoid massive penalties, I was required to amend my US tax returns to help with the foreign audit. Jason and his team turned it around immediately and helped me through the entire process. Saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars abroad. Very appreciate to his team’s efforts.


Over 26 Years Serving The Needs of U.S. Expat Communities Throughout The World

International tax knowledge, professionalism and expertise that protects you, your family and your business.

of our clients LIVE overseas
TRAVEL MORE THAN two MONTHS each year for personal and business reasons 
of our clients have vested interests in foreign businesses

ABOUT Jason Kovan

Founding Partner JD, CPA, EA, MBA, MST, PI

Jason Kovan

Jason is our Managing Partner. Prior to founding TaxLawExpats and Expat Tax Partners LLC, Jason served as Executive Tax Director with KPMG focusing on the needs of international clients, both individual and corporate clientele.  Jason is a member of the Florida Bar, South Carolina Board of Accountancy, IRS EA, and is also a Florida licensed private investigator. Jason holds a JD and MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and a Masters in Tax (MST) from Golden Gate University. Jason graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Purdue University.

Jason represents clients throughout the world, and travels internationally to meet with clients and to give seminars on U.S. Expat Tax issues. Jason has prepared and reviewed tens of thousands of individual, corporate, and partnership tax returns. During his career, he has been stationed in the United States and in global markets including London, Zurich, and the Middle East, where he represented individuals and businesses in their US tax compliance and consulting needs.

Jason is both an experienced tax attorney and CPA, who understands the importance of confidentiality and mitigating criminal exposure to clients.  Jay is able to bring together the unusual talents of understanding both the tax laws and their application and the financial impact to a client’s facts and circumstances. Jason believes that it is important that an expat tax adviser has been just that - an expat at some point in his or her career!   
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Global Tax Preparation, Accuracy, Support

We travel the world speaking with businesses, individuals and groups who need our advice and guidance. Tax Law for Expats is one of a few globally positioned tax law firms with expertise in tax law and tax structures for U.S. Expats.

Tax Law for Expats is one of a few globally positioned tax law firms with expertise in tax law and tax structures for U.S. Expats.

Our in-house professionals include U.S. Tax Attorneys, CPA's ad EA's. Our firm is built around demanding global clients who need practical tax strategies, solutions and results; individually, for their businesses, employees, and in certain situations, their customers.


Our expat tax team has the most current tax regulations, rulings and strategies, which we use to provide expertise, and resolution from issues affecting you, your family and business. Many expat tax clients live overseas, travel and own foreign businesses.

We provide consultations, knowledge, expertise and sound advice to solve, prepare and file expat tax returns and to handle their most urgent and confidential expat tax and financial matters. Now meet our clients...

U.S. Expat Tax Services

Ensuring Your Privacy

U.S. Expat Income Tax Returns

Form 1040, Schedule B, C, D, E and Forms 8949, 8812, 2555, 1116, 114 - FBAR, K-1, 1099s

The IRS is auditing more expats than ever before. We have seen significant increases beginning in 2017 / 2018, and the trend is continuing. If you need accurate professional expertise, we have over 25 years of professional Expat tax know-how.

Expat Relocation Services

Our clients, most of whom live overseas, travel, and own foreign businesses, consult with us and rely on our knowledge, expertise, and sound advice to solve, prepare, and file their tax returns and handle their most urgent and confidential tax and financial matters.

Back Taxes, Late Filers & Streamlined Domestic / Offshore Voluntary Disclosure

Over 8 million Americans, commonly known as digital nomads, live abroad. There are tens of thousands who have missed filing or have never filed their U.S. tax returns.

IRS Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures

A person or business needs to disclose its foreign income and offshore accounts. The IRS's Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure allows a U.S. taxpaying entity who did not report foreign income or financial accounts to disclose this information to the IRS.

Cross-border Tax Structuring and Compliance

Companies / individuals who are involved in cross-border transactions could face distinct and complicated tax issues on both sides of the border where they do business. We create effective tax strategies and structures for businesses and/or interests in foreign companies. The rules that govern transactions, reporting requirements, and ownership are very complex. If not appropriately structured, the tax ramifications could cost duplicate taxation, and potential penalties.

Foreign-Owned Corporations

Form 5471, Form 8938

Individuals and businesses need to know about the requirements for filing IRS Form 5741. If you are a U.S. expat or U.S. taxpayer, keep reading.


Form 8938

The calculation to determine if you need to submit the FBAR is based on adding together all of the highest daily balances for each offshore account. If the sum is $10,000 or more, you need to submit an FBAR. There is a checkbox on your 1040 Form, where you must also disclose having foreign bank accounts.

Tax Opinions for U.S. Expats

Why would you want a tax opinion? Tax Opinions can state the expected tax consequences of a transaction before, during, or after a transaction occurs. There are tax opinions covering conditions when entering into a contract, business structuring, selling a business, stock swaps, a 3rd party to agree to some action, etc. Tax Opinions help protect individuals, business owners, investors, stockholders, directors, and officers of companies, and so much more.

IRS Tax Notices, Audits, Appeals & Mitigation

Did you have received a letter from the IRS? Take a deep breath and calm down. You are one of the millions who receive automated IRS letters. But don't ignore it and act promptly. Taking action could minimize further penalties and interest fees.

IRS Tax Penalty Relief & Offer in Compromise

Do you owe back taxes to the IRS? You will have to pay interest and possibly penalties and other charges, depending on the length of time you owe and the circumstances surrounding your IRS tax case.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts & Estate laws can differ from country to country. Knowing how this can affect you and your family will determine how your assets, financial accounts, and rightful heirs are protected? Can your surviving spouse be blocked from accessing accounts held jointly? How is inheritance tax calculated? What happens to a partnership or foreign business entity sale or dissolution, creditors, etc.? It can be more complicated than you imagine. We are here to help.

U.S. Business Tax Returns

Suppose you own a U.S. business entity or a foreign corporation that is vested in a U.S. company, the IRS requires you to file a corporate tax return regardless of where you live. This is separate from any tax filings as necessary for foreign ownership of a business.

Additional Child Tax Credit
Form 8812

Filing for the Child Tax Credit and/or Additional Child Tax Credit depends on several factors, including income, child dependency, whether the child has a social security number, and age. The IRS can change the allotted amount per child from year to year and the requirements needed to qualify.

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Form 2555

If you live & work overseas, you may be able to exclude all or a portion of your foreign income except for dividends, interest, or capital gains, when filing your U.S. tax returns. If you file Form 2555, you cannot claim the Foreign Tax Credit from your excluded income. But you can see if you can apply the FTC to your income you did not exclude.

Tax Law and Accounting Services Under One Roof

Expat tax laws can be complicated. If you are an expat, one of the best ways to avoid “the dreaded tax season” and the IRS is to have your taxes prepared and filed by expat tax experts.

The Corporate Transparency Act Explained – Beware!

Understanding the implications and compliance requirements of the Corporate Transparency Act is crucial for businesses across diverse sectors.

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is a pivotal piece of legislation aiming to enhance transparency in corporate ownership. Enacted to combat financial crimes, the CTA mandates certain corporations to disclose their beneficial owners to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Let's delve deeper into the implications of the Corporate Transparency Act and its potential impact on businesses spanning various industries. Join us as we uncover the intricacies of this legislation and examine its significance for corporations and their stakeholders alike.

We've got you covered. Read more or contact us.

IRS Form 3520 and 3520A Penalty Appeal and Abatement Procedures.

Reporting Foreign Trusts, Inheritances, and Gifts: Understanding IRS Form 3520 and the Benefits of Hiring an International Tax Attorney.

Are you a U.S. citizen who has received a gift or inheritance from abroad? Maybe you've dealt with a foreign trust? If so, you'll need to know about IRS Form 3520. It's the form you use to report these transactions to Uncle Sam.

But don't worry, it's not always as complex as it sounds. Read more or contact us.


Jason and his team have been at the forefront of tax strategies and structures. His advice has been invaluable to us, both individually and for our US based company, while living overseas. 


I had a relocation overseas that became complicated. Jason provided a comprehensive strategy with four options, each one better than the last. His knowledge of other countries tax systems and tax treaties was key in finding the best jurisdiction for me to reside in overseas. His number is on speed dial.


It's difficult when you travel back and forth to the US for personal and business reasons to keep pace with how to report your US income and foreign income - record of domicile, etc. Jason's advice has been a welcomed blessing.


Don't know where to start?

Begin with a CONFIDENTIAL conversation.


I have been working with Jason for over 8 years. As an elderly woman, sometimes I cannot hear very well, and Jason is very patient with me in explaining things and answering my questions. I never feel rushed, and he holds my hand through the tax filing process every year. I would never go anywhere else.

- Gracia L.

I had a serious audit examination in a foreign country that impacted by US tax filings. I know it was during tax busy season, but Jason ensured that my amended US returns were filed immediately, and was able to provide several simulations that helped me deal with the foreign tax authorities. I was a wreck, and Jason and his team helped soothe my nerves during the examination and we came out with a favorable result. He has earned my trust.


I am a U.S. taxpayer and a New Zealand accountant. I decided to file my own U.S. tax returns. I knew enough to be dangerous. I own several non-US companies and was unaware that I was required to report these entities. I also did not know about the FBARs. Jason was able to clean up the mess I created and helped me feel at ease through the entire process. His knowledge of both individual and international taxation helped save the day. Well done and thank you.


the story

Why Use a Single-Source
Expat Tax Law and Accounting Firm?

Tax preparation, filing tax returns and solving tax problems are issues few people look forward to. Dealing with individual and business tax questions can be quite difficult and confusing, and expats have it even harder.

This is because expat tax laws can be complicated. If you are an expat, one of the best ways to avoid “the dreaded tax season” and the IRS is to have your taxes prepared and filed by expat tax experts.

Our U.S. expat tax and accounting firm specializes in helping U.S. expats meet their tax obligations on time. Our success is our expertise, client satisfaction, resolution of expat tax issues and making sure that you comply within the scope and intention of the IRS tax code.

We have over 26 years of expat tax experience and are regarded as one of only a handful of global firms, uniquely qualified to resolve complex expat tax matters and disputes. We are uniquely qualified to prepare and file individual and business tax returns with the IRS for U.S. taxpayers living overseas and in the United States. We are regarded as one of the top international expat tax law and accounting firms with 85% of our clients living and working overseas.


1. We provide a wide array of legal and accounting services for our clients. This is advantageous because you do not have to seek the help of different firms when you need advice, tax guidance, or legal consultation and representation.

2. Unlike many expat tax legal and accounting agencies, where your ‘first point of contact’ is with a qualifying agent, at Tax Law for Expats your ‘first point of contact’ is with our Managing Partner, Jason Kovan, JD, CPA. We do this for a reason. CPA’s cannot offer clients an “attorney-client privilege” relationship should our customers need it.

Qualified Expat Tax Professionals

Tax compliance, disclosures, dealing with IRS notices, disputes, mitigation, and representing you for audits are usually after the fact. Except for 1040-EZ tax returns, preparing and filing tax returns, especially for expats, is a task that is best left to professional tax preparers.

Not only is the tax code and tax law complicated and extensive, but the repercussions of an improperly prepared and filed tax return can be profound and far-reaching. At our firm, we employ three types of U.S. licensed tax professionals: 1. Expat Tax Attorney, 2. CPA, and 3. Enrolled Agent.

Read more U.S. expat news, travel, entertainment, and tax updates here.


What We Cover With Our Initial Consultation

We want to make sure that we can resolve your issues and answer your questions about our services. You will speak directly with our Managing Partner, Jason Kovan, a tax attorney and CPA. Knowing that you are speaking with a tax attorney means that your conversation is protected under client-attorney privilege.


Why Use a Tax Attorney & CPA Under The Same Roof?

Clients want assurances that their conversations are protected if they encounter potential legal issues. A "CPA – client privilege" relationship does not exist in U.S. Federal Courts. A CPA can be compelled to testify against their clients.

Tax attorneys provide attorney - client privilege protection and are versed in tax laws, can resolve technical and complex tax matters, and are better adept at resolving their clients' financial and tax regulation issues, negotiation settlements, analyzing state and federal tax laws, and create tax strategies that CPA's do not structure.

Tax attorneys provide tax advice, planning strategies, tax structuring, case law expertise, legal research, issuing tax opinions, and representing you in tax negotiations, litigation, and appeals, and much more. A tax attorney knows how to interpret tax law and enforcement codes.

A CPA is focused on preparing and maintaining personal and business financial and accounting records and timely filing with the IRS. A CPA will also speak with the IRS as needed. 

What Should I Do If The IRS Contacts Me?

Firstly, don’t panic. Even though the IRS wants to speak with you, you should not initiate any form of contact before speaking with your tax attorney or CPA. Call right away and discuss what you know. Your tax attorney or CPA should be the one reaching out on your behalf.

All conversations with the IRS are recorded. In the event of litigation or potential criminal proceedings, your call(s) and conversations with the IRS can be used in a court of law against you. Protect your self by using a tax attorney who can provide client privilege protection.

Do I Qualify for Tax Abatement?

When you are late making tax payments, the IRS can access a penalty and charge you interest. Interest begins to accrue the moment you are late paying what you owe. The IRS provides penalty abatement if you are eligible. A qualified tax attorney can help you determine if you qualify and represent you to the IRS.

Overseas Business and Personal Tax Structures

An expat tax attorney has the expertise in cross border transactions and can create a tax strategy and structure that saves on your business and personal taxes. Why overpay in taxes?


What is an Expat Tax Attorney?

Expat tax attorneys know the specifics of the IRS tax code and U.S. Department of Treasury guidelines and how to maximize tax savings for U.S. taxpayers living and working overseas or earning foreign income.

U.S. taxpayers pay taxes on their worldwide income. Many countries have tax treaties with the United States, so you need to rely on a firm that understands how to provide you with all the tax benefits you are entitled to.

An expat tax attorney has the experience and knowledge that most tax specialists do not have. An expat tax lawyer needs to know U.S. income tax treaties, totalization agreements ((self-employment and social security payments), foreign tax credits and foreign earned income exclusion on personal income, foreign investments and business ownership, FBAR and FATCA compliance, foreign Trusts, Partnerships or Businesses, and IRS offshore disclosures.