August 4


Why Use a Single-Source Expat Tax Law and Accounting Firm?

By Jason Kovan

August 4, 2020

Tax preparation, filing tax returns, and solving tax problems are issues few people look forward to. Dealing with individual and business tax questions can be quite challenging and confusing, and expats have it even harder. 

This is because expat tax laws can be complicated. If you are an expat, one of the best ways to avoid “the dreaded tax season” and the IRS is to have your taxes prepared and filed by expat tax experts.

Our U.S. expat tax and accounting firm specializes in helping U.S. expats meet their tax obligations on time. Our success is our expertise, client satisfaction, resolution of expat tax issues, and making sure that you comply within the scope and intention of the IRS tax code.

We have over 25 years of expat tax experience and we are regarded as one of only a handful of global firms, uniquely qualified to resolve complex expat tax matters and disputes. We are uniquely qualified to prepare and file individual and business tax returns with the IRS for U.S. taxpayers living overseas and in the United States. We are regarded as one of the top international expat tax law and accounting firms with 92% of our clients living and working overseas.

How One of the Top U.S. Expat Tax Law and Accounting Firms Provide Clients with Exceptional Expat Tax Services

An Array of Services

1. We provide a wide array of legal and accounting services for our clients. This is advantageous because you do not have to seek the help of different firms when you need advice, tax guidance, or legal consultation and representation.

2. Unlike many expat tax legal and accounting agencies, where your ‘first point of contact’ is with a qualifying agent, at Tax Law for Expats your ‘first point of contact’ is with our Managing Partner, Jason Kovan, JD, CPA. We do this for a reason. CPA’s cannot offer clients an “attorney-client privilege” relationship should our customers need it.

Tax compliance, disclosures, dealing with IRS notices, disputes, mitigation, and representing you for audits are usually after the fact. Except for 1040-EZ tax returns, preparing and filing tax returns, especially for expats, is a task that is best left to professional tax preparers.

Not only is the tax code and tax law complicated and extensive, but the repercussions of an improperly prepared and filed tax return can be profound and far-reaching. At our firm, we employ three types of U.S. licensed tax professionals: 1. Expat Tax Attorney, 2. CPA, and 3. Enrolled Agent.

Expat Tax Attorney

Apart from our expat CPA’s, our managing partner is a U.S. tax attorney and CPA who understands and specializes in expat tax matters. Our firm offers a wealth of knowledge which embraces areas including IRS tax notices, IRS audits and mitigation, FBAR, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and IRS Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures, and much more.

We provide sound legal advice on how to solve your tax issues and can represent you should you ever find yourself in a problem situation or IRS inquiry.

CPA’s That Specialize in Expat Tax Services. Our CPA’s are some of the most highly trained and recruited expat tax professionals around. 

Our strengths are that we not only have the experience as U.S. CPA’s, but we deal with expat tax filings daily, preparing thousands each year for individuals and businesses.

We know the ins and outs of what to look for, which income scenarios to test for, what the IRS tax code allows for individuals living and working overseas, and how to treat foreign earned income when preparing individual 1040 returns.

Over 50% of our clients own or are vested in foreign businesses. There are many complexities, including cross border transactions and U.S. filing requirements that, if not correctly prepared, could cost our clients and their overseas business penalties and unnecessary expenses.

The fact that our expat CPA’s form an integral part of our workforce speaks to the quality of services we offer our clients. You can rest assured that your taxes will be calculated accurately and filed correctly.

Additionally, all CPA’s are bound to follow a professional code of ethics. This ensures that we provide clients with a high level of performance, and we maintain confidentiality. Our accountants do more than uphold the code of ethics; they also work to build a personal relationship with our clients so that they can offer “best of class services.”

Our expat CPA’s receive continuing education to make them even better at their profession. Their expertise in areas like Child Tax Credit, IRS tax notices, IRS audit, and FBARs is a real asset when it comes to helping you deal with all the complicated aspects of expat tax preparation and filings.

Expat Tax Enrolled Agents

Our staff includes enrolled agents (E.A.’s) who work closely with our expat CPA’s and are qualified and licensed by the IRS to prepare and file your tax returns.

Some of the areas that we specialize in include:

Tax Compliance

IRS Tax Mitigation and IRS Audits

Failure to File, Unfiled Taxes and Back Taxes

Tax Evasion

Legal Tax Opinions

IRS Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures

Offshore Tax Compromises

US Owned Foreign Business Tax Structures, Taxpayers Related to Foreign Corporations Form 5471, Form 940 and 941, Schedule K, Form 1120

Form 1118, Foreign Tax Credit—Corporations, To Claim A Foreign Tax Credit

Form 1116, Foreign Tax Credit, To Claim the Foreign Tax Credit If You Are An Individual, Estate Or Trust, And You Paid Or Accrued Certain Foreign Taxes To A Foreign Country Or U.S. Possession

US Businesses Owned by Foreign Entities

International Cross Border Transactions

Individual Retirement and the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion/Deduction

FBAR Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts and FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

Country-by-Country Reporting, OECD and the U.S. MNEs Multinational Enterprises

Expatriation Tax for US Citizens/Residents Who Have Renounced Their US Citizenship and Residents Who Have Ended Their US Resident Status for Federal Tax Purposes.

Tax Treaties with Foreign Governments

Filing Expat Individual Income Tax Returns 1040s,1040-X, 1040-ES

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Foreign Housing Exclusion

Foreign Tax Credits

Schedules A, (Form 1040), Itemized Deductions

Schedule B, (Form 1040), Interest and Ordinary Dividends

Schedule C, (Form 1040), Profit or Loss from Business (Sole Proprietorship)

Schedule C-EZ (Form 1040), Net Profit from Business (Sole Proprietorship)

Schedule D, (Form 1040), Capital Gains and Losses

Schedule E, (Form 1040), Supplemental Income and Loss with

Form K Shareholders Schedule

Schedule EIC (Form 1040 or 1040-SR), Earned Income Credit

Schedule R (Form 1040), Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled

Schedule 8812 (Form 1040), Additional Child Tax Credit

Moving Expenses to And from The United States

Social Security Agreements with Foreign Countries

Social Security Tax Consequences of Working Abroad

And More…

With our diverse portfolio of tax services, you can rest assured that we will ably handle any expat tax matter you might have, or any IRS streamlined filing compliance procedure you might need. Moreover, we will create the most effective tax compliance strategies to reduce your tax liabilities to the least extent possible.

Affordable and Transparent

Our expat tax law and accounting firm offers premium expat tax services at competitive rates. We do not outsource our services to third parties. Instead, we hire, train, and maintain a dedicated staff that offers professional expat tax services.

We inform our clients about our fees upfront. This gives them a chance to make an informed choice about our firm, and it also creates an environment of trust.


For most U.S. expats, tax season spells a lot of dreaded calculations and heavy paperwork. However, this does not need to be true for you. With Tax Law Expats, filing your individual and/or business income tax returns is a ‘peace of mind experience.

If you want to reach us, please call our U.S. office at (305) 600-5924.

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