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About Jason Kovan JD, CPA

Jason is Managing Partner. Prior to founding TaxLawExpats, TaxLawNow and Expat Tax Partners LLC, Jason was Executive Tax Director with KPMG serving individuals and corporate clients throughout the world.

We are about "personalized" attention. 

From his U.S. office in South Florida and his overseas bureau, Jason represents clients throughout the world, and frequently travels internationally to meet with clients and speaks to private and public organizations, businesses and groups on US Tax issues.

Jason has prepared and reviewed tens of thousands of individual, corporate, and partnership tax returns and has successfully represented clients with IRS issues.

During his career, he has been stationed in the United States and global markets including London, Zurich, and the Middle East, where he represented individuals and businesses in their US tax compliance and consulting needs.

One of our tax partners will always have oversite over your work and you will have direct contact with them. Contact us.

Our U.S. tax attorneys and CPA's provide cutting edge international and domestic federal and state expat tax services for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and trusts.  

We will show you the best way to plan effectively for the future and minimize your tax liability. We have over 26 years of experience providing U.S. expat tax services for individuals and businesses, living or working in a foreign country, and those earning foreign income. We make sure that you are in compliance with current tax laws & regulations, resolve issues with the IRS, and get your taxes out on time.

U.S. Tax Experts - Tax Law and Accounting Services for Expats

Pain is always the last thing you feel when things go wrong. It is better to do it the right way the first time. We have the professional expertise to create the strategies allowed by the U.S. tax code, case law, and precedent designed to avoid issues that trigger  IRS "hotspots," leading to IRS inquiries or potential criminal charges.

What are the legal tax and federal filing implications when your residence or business is in a foreign country, or if you earn foreign-sourced income or have offshore financial assets? Whether you reside overseas or in the U.S., we want you to "live more, and worry less. We have your taxes covered".

It is easier to comply with U.S. tax laws by using a U.S. Expat tax service with the necessary expertise in expat tax matters.

What are the potential tax problem areas the IRS looks at? The IRS tends to zero in on high-income earners,  late filers, noncompliance and disclosures, back taxes, and individuals who either live, or work overseas (U.S. expats).

Using a firm that combines a licensed U.S. Tax Attorney and CPA provides the advantages of the collective expertise and experience of understanding the laws, regulations, and codes with the confidentiality you need when you have disclosure or compliance problems.

You most likely need to file U.S. taxes even if no tax is due and disclose your foreign financial assets. Some disclosures are filed with your IRS Federal tax return, and others with the U.S. Department of Treasury. And always check if FBARs are required.

Potential Problem Areas to Look For U.S. Expats

You increase your chances of an audit dramatically if you have not disclosed income or assets, owe back taxes, are a non-filer, have not provided the correct information or amended tax returns, etc. 

You need to determine what type of taxes, interests, and penalties you may incur on your assets located in the U.S. and overseas. Over 51 countries have established tax treaties with the U.S., and agreed to provide your financial information to U.S. Federal taxing authorities.

The IRS has a unit dedicated to investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes, including money laundering, currency crimes, antitrust, and Bank Secrecy Act violations. 

Over the past several years, the IRS began opening consulate offices overseas as they work hand in hand with foreign governments to track down tax cheaters. The IRS notes that usually where they find fraud, there is a much higher likelihood that it happened on both sides of the border.

It is easier to comply with U.S. tax laws by using a U.S. Expat tax service with the necessary expertise in expat tax matters.

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