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  • Confidentiality: Your first call is with US international tax attorney, Jason Kovan JD, CPA - to determine your best course of action for filing Form 3520.
  • Discussion, explanation & estimate of work followed up with a written quote.
  • Assignment of tax team and continued gathering of client information.
  • Review, Analysis and Preparation of Form 3520: Reporting Foreign Trusts, Inheritances, and Gifts.
  • Client review of filing documents. Payment, delivery, contact with the IRS as needed, and filing.

I was subject to an audit in a foreign country. To avoid massive penalties, I was required to amend my US returns to help with the foreign audit. Jason and his team turned it around immediately and helped me through the entire process. Saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars abroad. Very appreciate to his team’s efforts.

Jason B.

I love working with Jason. We are on the same wavelength - He thinks outside the box and provides options that other providers never did. He was available to answer my questions and did not pass me off to a junior. Thank you, Jason.

Steve S.

I am a U.S. taxpayer and a New Zealand accountant. I decided to file my own U.S. tax returns. I knew enough to be dangerous. I own several non-US companies and was unaware that I was required to report these entities. I also did not know about the FBARs. Jason was able to clean up the mess I created and helped me feel at ease through the entire process. His knowledge of both individual and international taxation helped save the day. Well done and thank you.

Susan T.

I was going through a very messy divorce and Jason's firm helped me with the forensic accounting. Jason was able to uncover fraud by my ex that would have resulted in my settlement being significantly less than I received. It was Jason's expertise and background as a tax attorney, CPA, and private investigator that helped me. He asked the right questions of the other side that allowed us to learn about the offshore accounts.

Jennifer C.

I had a serious audit examination in a foreign country that impacted by US tax filings. I know it was during tax busy season, but Jason ensured that my amended US returns were filed immediately, and was able to provide several simulations that helped me deal with the foreign tax authorities. I was a wreck, and Jason and his team helped soothe my nerves during the examination and we came out with a favorable result. He has earned my trust.

Joel B.

I have been working with Jason for over 8 years. As an elderly woman, sometimes I cannot hear very well, and Jason is very patient with me in explaining things and answering my questions. I never feel rushed, and he holds my hand through the tax filing process every year. I would never go anywhere else.

Gracia L.