March 26


US Expats Living in Israel

By Jason Kovan

March 26, 2021

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Are you one of the tens of thousands of US expats living in Israel?

Jason Kovan who is an internationally recognized U.S. tax attorney, speaks in Tel Aviv with US expats living in Israel, and Israeli CPA's and tax lawyers about the issues facing U.S. taxpayers who live and work in, or are thinking about making Aliyah (moving to) Israel.

Whether you are retired, working, or own a business in Israel, or for that matter in a foreign country, you must file your individual and/or business returns with the IRS.

Israeli banks and financial institutions are the "watch dogs" for the IRS because the Israeli government signed a tax treaty (FATCA agreements) with the United States. This agreement requires financial institutions to verify if the account holder is a U.S. citizen, Green Card holder, etc. before opening the account and report this to the U.S. Department of Treasury / IRS.

Jason Kovan, JD, CPA and Managing Partner at Tax Law Expats, is a featured speaker at EFPA in Tel Aviv.

Jason provides his global clients with tax guidance, strategies and solutions that protect their financial assets and comply with U.S. tax regulations in coordination with local tax laws.

If you need tax advise from one of the worlds top international tax attorneys and expat CPA's, schedule a consultation with Jason. Jason serves thousands of global clients including individuals, businesses and corporations. He travels frequently to meet his clients, to provide guidance and tax services. During COVID, Jason can schedule face time with you over a Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp video call.

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