March 25


Jason Kovan International Tax Attorney and CPA Talks About U.S. Taxpayers Living Overseas

By Jason Kovan

March 25, 2021

In this Podcast episode, host Neil Howe talks with acclaimed International Tax Attorney and CPA, Jason Kovan about U.S. residents filing taxes when living and working overseas.

jason kovan radio interview

U.S. International tax attorney and CPA, Jason Kovan assists individuals and businesses with solving complex tax compliance issues, filing current and delinquent U.S. tax returns, foreign financial account matters, cross border transactions, tax opinions, tax structuring prior to and after moving overseas, creating proper Estate planning to protect your financial well-being, and more.

Whether you are a digital nomad or U.S. tax payer (Expat) living overseas, Jason talks about many of the common questions people ask, and addresses the fears people have about the process of filing their taxes.

To speak with Jason call +1 (305) 600-5924 or send an email.

Tax Law for Expats is one of a few globally positioned tax law firms with expertise in tax law and tax structures for U.S. Expats. 

Our U.S. tax attorney's and CPA's travel the world speaking with businesses, individuals and groups who need our advice and guidance. Tax Law for Expats is one of a few globally positioned tax law firms with expertise in tax law and tax structures for U.S. Expats. 

Our firm is built around demanding global clients who need practical tax strategies, solutions and results; individually, for their businesses, employees, and in certain situations, their customers. Our expat tax team has the most current tax regulations, rulings and strategies, which we use to provide expertise, and resolution from issues affecting you, your family and business. 

We provide consultations, knowledge, expertise and sound advice to solve, prepare and file expat tax returns and to handle their most urgent and confidential expat tax and financial matters. Jason represents clients throughout the world, and travels internationally to meet with clients and to give seminars on U.S. Expat Tax issues.

Jason has prepared and reviewed tens of thousands of individual, corporate, and partnership tax returns. During his career, he has been stationed in the United States and in global markets including London, Zurich, and the Middle East, where he represented individuals and businesses in their U.S. tax compliance and consulting needs. 

Our clients are in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle-East, Central and South America, India, Hong Kong and Singapore and include U.S. Expatriates (U.S. citizens), U.S. Tax payers, U.S. Residents, Dual-Nationals and Green Card holders, individuals or businesses with foreign accounts (including stocks and cash-like investments), high net-worth clients, small and medium size businesses as well as those who are in need of a International Tax Attorney, CPA or licensed Private Investigator (PI).

In addition to handling Expat tax law issues and tax preparation services we offer tax analysis and consultation, which puts you in the best possible position to maximize your income and minimize your taxes. We can review or audit your prior year filings and assist you with resolving issues with IRS agents.

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